After some online research, I reached out to Canmax Medical Imaging. Within 15 minutes of my initial inquiry I had an MRI booked and only had to wait 2 days.

I made my initial call on February 1st, had the MRI on the 3rd (results sent to my doctor the same day) and now on the 6th I have my full diagnosis.

Canmax imaging did in 3 business days what Canadian healthcare couldn’t do in 3 years.

Amazingly friendly and caring staff, no hassle, and more than affordable price.
Best decision I ever made.
5 stars!

MS- London, ON

    From top to bottom, a great experience with Canmax Medical imaging!

    I was recently diagnosed with cancer, and when someone hears this, their entire world turns upside down. With the traffic of the medical system in Canada and needing answers asap, often times we find ourselves waiting which brings about more stress not only on our bodies but mentally. When I heard the opportunity for Canadians to take advantage of quick cross border medical testing, I was relieved. Not only was I getting my results much quicker, but the quality of care and attentiveness from Gennarino was appreciated. You can really tell he cares and when faced with difficult medical situations that goes a long way. I would recommend their services to anyone in need.

    AC- Brantford, ON

    I will gladly recommend any of my Canadian friends to contact Canmax Medical Imaging for an MRI. After reaching out to the Genesee Centre I was scheduled within days. The location was very easy to get to. The staff was pleasant and helpful. Mr. Lamacchia, the owner was very good at coordinating the visit. Thank you.

    RF- Brampton, ON

    Gennarino was incredible with getting me set up with an MRI appointment very quickly, which ever questions I had he was there to answer them no matter the time of day.

    I had messaged him late in the evening and he was quick to reply. The process of getting the MRI was simple and easy going & was very helpful.

    highly recommended

    DL – Ontario

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